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Living With The Dead Reaches Kickstarter Goal!

living with the dead kickstarter
Living With The Dead
 Reaches Kickstarter Goal!

Tractor Beam Offers Crowd Funding Campaign Management

We are excited to announce that the feature film Living With The Dead is able to proceed to production as it reached its Kickstarter goal yesterday.

Gravitation Generator: Gary Calamar On Dexter, Wilfred, Record Store Days & West Side Story’s Continued Significance

Gary Calamar, President of Go Music, is a five time Grammy-nominated producer and music supervisor who currently oversees the music on HBO’s True Blood, Showtime’s Dexter, and a personal favorite, FX’s Wilfred. Past credits include HBO’s Six Feet Under and Entourage, amongst too many others to mention. An longtime DJ and show host for keenly influential radio station KCRW, Calamar also co-wrote Record Store Days (with Phil Gallo), a historical document of record store culture past and present.

Gravitation Generator: Erica Hill on Beck, Artist Michelle MacNaught + Finding Inspiration

Erica HillDirector, Photographer and Producer Erica Hill and I first met prior working on Clem Snide’s “Your Night to Shine” video (below), from their debut album “You Were A Diamond” (Tractor Beam Records). Her beautiful work on this video speaks for itself.

It is one whose visual simplicity belies a complicated production. In it, Hill enlisted a crew of volunteers, arranged for waltzing dancers and avoided being hit by cars. Recently, she located the original video master.

Gravitation Generator: JG Thirlwell Talks Manorexia, John Peel and Analogue Synths

(JG Thirlwell in middle-back with laptop)

JG Thirlwell is seemingly always in motion. He is the mind behind many experimental music and sound projects including Manorexia, Steroid Maximus and Foetus; the composer behind two The Kronos Quartet string quartets and Adult Swim’s Venture Bros. animated tv program; as well as the film score composer to Seeking The Monkey King and The Blue Eyes.